My Orlando Basketball Trip

This past Christmas my varsity basketball team and I traveled to Orlando, Florida to play in a high level basketball tournament. We went 2-1 and placed third. Overall I learned a lot about my game and others. The trip I loved because I got to learn a lot about me as a person and my teammates. Great trip!


Utah Cancels BYU Game

Utah canceled there annual game against BYU because the rivalry can get out of hand sometimes. Most recently a BYU player punched a Utah player in the face. As the rivalry gets more heated Dr.Hill says that the rivalry needs to be cooled. I don’t know when they will start the rivalry again.

No.9 Kentucky Falls to LSU

Number 9 Kentucky Wildcats took on Ben Simmons and the LSU Tigers. The Wildcats came into the game with a 22 game SEC winning streak. The game was a good one. LSU had enough power to push through the tough defense of Kentucky. Ben Simmons finished with 14 points and 10 rebounds proving why is worth a top 3 pick. ben-1jpg-ae98e07d3763c3e9

Number 1 Hold off Number 2

The number 1 ranked Kansas Jayhwaks battled the number 2 ranked Oklahoma Sooners in the 40th meeting between number 1 and 2. The Sooners and Jayhawks went back and forth during the first 2 halves. Then the game went into overtime and then another and then another. The game went into 3 overtimes! Buddy Heild had 46 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists! He was a monster! The Jayhawks were able to hold off the Sooners and keep there number one spot.


76er’s Incredible Start

The Philadelphia 76er’s are off to what is called the worst start in NBA history. They have 3 wins this season along with 33 loses. The 76ers used there number 3 draft pick in the last NBA draft to select Jahlil Okafor from Duke University. While himself and teammate Nerlens Noel score most of the points they don’t have a third dominate scorer. Clearly we can expect the 76ers to have the worst record but with there luck they might not get the first pick in the draft.


Cleveland Back at .500

The Cavs are now back at .500 after they dropped there game against the Sacramento Kings. The scored 84 points while they lost by 19. I think everybody knows that they suck without James playing. They don’t have a leader on the court. Irving has been a dominate scorer without James along with Love who mainly shoots threes. Until James returns the Cavs will lose.

Why the Cavs Keep Losing

Earlier this week a huge blockbuster deal went down involving 3 teams. The teams consisted of the New York Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Cleveland Cavaliers. Dion Waiters from the Cavs went to OKC. The Cavs sent rookie center Alex Kirk and Lou Admundson and a second round pick in the 2019 NBA draft to the Knicks. Oklahoma City sent a protected future first round pick and guard Lance Thomas to the Knicks. This deal is good for the Cavs because Iman Shumpert can play defense. the Cavs this year are 19-16 and are on a 2 game losing streak. The Cavs acquired some big names this past off season. They got LeBron James and Kevin Love. They traded away there last 2 first round number one picks to Minnesota. Kevin Love this year hasn’t lived up to expectations that people said he was going to. Instead of being an inside presence he now shoots 3’s from every spot on the floor and barely going into the paint. The Cavs as a team hasn’t played defense. They allow easy basket in transition and even when the other team sets up their offense.904x490x38372_h.jpg,qitok=HQ-dE9Ot.pagespeed.ic.vOjQ5Osn_M

In watching this video when the Cavs beat the Hawks, their were some problems on defense.

1.) At the 15 second mark you see Kevin Love shooting a three. There is no wrong doing this but Kevin Love is a power forward who has gotten used to shooting threes instead of going under the basket and using post moves to score. Another point happened at the 3:56 mark when Kevin Love shoots another three. Both go in but again he is a power forward, he should be under the basketball.

2.) 1:10 into the video Shawn Marion lets Jeff Teague by him when the shot clock is running out of time and Marion doesn’t even put a hand up to contest.

3.) 1:22 into the video Kevin Love and Shawn Marion go for the same guy in transition. There is no talk which leads to both players going for one Hawk. The Hawk then passes to another Hawk who scores an uncontested lay-up. Another thing wrong with this is that no one else on Cleveland gets back leading to 2 points.

4.) 1:27 into the video Dennis Schroeder beats Joe Harris off the bounce and instead of stopping the ball with his chest, Dion Waiters swipes at the ball leading to 2 points because he didn’t stop the and take a charge.

5.) 1:44 into the video Dennis Schroeder drives and scores an easy basket because all the Cleveland Cavaliers players were hugging there man.

6.) At the 2:40 mark of the video Dennis Schroeder drives baseline and gets triple team. Some how he gets a pass off to Al Horford. That pass could have been prevented if Dion Waiters slammed down and helped out instead of hugging his man.